I have been developing, researching and writing factual television and radio since 2008, working for a number of production companies.

My work has included: development research and pitch-writing; primary and secondary historical and social research; contributor research; story-boarding; contributor interviewing; script writing for pieces to camera and voiceovers; contributing during the editing and dub processes; press, publicity and social media work.

In short, everything from that all-important 9th pitch document to tweeting as programmes are aired…

Credits include:

Slavery: Scotland’s Hidden Shame (BBC Scotland, 2018)

People’s History Show (STV, 2016 to 2018)

Scotch: The Story of Whisky (BBC, 2016)

Time Travels (BBC Radio Scotland, 2016-17)

The Scots Who Fought Franco (STV, 2009)*

*Based on my book, Homage to Caledonia: Scotland the Spanish Civil War.