Is this thing on?

Someone asked me recently, an actual someone, not a someone created for the benefit of this opening line, why I don’t update my website more often. I didn’t have an answer, really, beyond being preoccupied with so many other things. This didn’t satisfy the person – still not made-up – so instead of content or passable prose, here is an update on those things which occupy me (apart from my child, Middlesbrough Football Club and wondering how on earth Steve from Coronation Street broke his arm).

I have written another football book with Bloomsbury, which will be published in October. I am about to submit a first draft to the same publisher, about books themselves, which is due for release next May. This has meant a lot of typing, and even more looking out of the window and getting annoyed at people for putting the wrong wheelie bins out.

Beyond that, I (oh it’s all me me me with him, isn’t it?) am writing and producing a series of whisky documentaries for the BBC. If you pass me and I give off a peaty stench, it is merely a side-effect of research.

Then some of the usual – and, frankly, bloody enjoyable – things that help keep a writer in cords and unused notebooks: presenting and chairing events, copywriting and penning the odd article, some graphic design work and selling all my winners’ medals at auction.

The future is unwritten even for a scribe, of course, but I think and hope it will bring more People’s Historian films, telly production and writing, and plenty of words.

Failing that, I will return to making-up people, like the one at the start of this piece.



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