This is Scotland – a new book

Inverclyde 1

A new book with words by me and pictures by the marvellous Alan McCredie is on the way. Have a look at Alan’s 100 Weeks of Scotland project (which will also be published in book form) here, if you like.

This is Scotland will be launched on October 3rd with Luath Press. We’ve been to twelve places, seen some grand things and a lot of pebbledash, and eaten many chips. Heavenly. Here’s the blurb:

The pictures tell a thousand stories, the words tell the time. This is every day Scotland, captured at its most crucial point for 300 years. United by a love of Scotland, warts and all, especially the warts, in fact, Gray and McCredie set out on a journey high and low, mainland and island, rust and heather, to document a country and its people.

Here is a nation caught and sketched in time; not shortbread-tin Scotland, but the normal, beautifully disjointed one. It is a Scotland of flaking pub signs and sneaky fags outside the bingo, of Italian cafes and proper fitba’ grounds, of craggy farmers and tales of yesterday.

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