Hats Magic: New Book Unleashed Upon Unsuspecting Public

August 1st is Yorkshire Day, the one day when we Yorkshire people tell you we’re from Yorkshire (er, hang on…), and it is also the release date for
Hatters, Railwaymen and Knitters. So hurrah. I’m not quite sure what happens now, but Nicholas Witchell is hanging around outside my front door. There was probably some bunting earlier, but it’ll have blown away in this weather we’re having.

All that I can hope is people buy the book and get something out of it, even if that’s just a substantial item to remove at airport check-in, thus bringing their luggage under the stipulated limit.

England, I had a blast walking around you; football, you still do something to me.

Hatters cover

One thought on “Hats Magic: New Book Unleashed Upon Unsuspecting Public

  1. Daniel hi
    Its Christmas Day and I am rereading chapter one in preparation to my visit to the Riverside Stadium tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the Hatters…book. Following the Clarets and living near Hinckley I found a lot that resonates in your book and not only in those those chapters. I shall be dipping into the book on a regular basis on my football journeys.
    I shall check out your other books for my kindle, keep up the writing and don’t vote for Scottish independence as that will condemn England to a Tory twilight.

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